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A rockin' Mardi Gras party song from Happy to Be Here (mp3)
The Righteous Brothers' classic song, from Off the Hook (mp3)
A hard-driving zydeco fiddle rave-up from Off the Hook (mp3)
Rigo's Blues A moody minor key blues from Don't Fight It (mp3)
Serious Fun An infectious roots rocker from the CD of the same name (mp3)
A kick-ass Cajun two-step from the Flambeau CD, Red Boots and Rice. (Flash)
Carl Perkins' rockabilly classic, from Happy to be Here. (mp3)
Tom's arrangement of Kate Wolf's beautiful melody, from Metamorphosis. (Flash 4)
C'est la Vie
A classic zydeco song of murder and retribution, from Serious Fun (mp3)
Flambeau raising the roof, New Orleans-style, from Happy to be Here. (Flash)
A big, bad, Chicago-style blues shuffle from A Blue Thing (mp3)
A haunting Latin-flavored tune from Metamorphosis. (Flash)  
Caroline's Boogie
Caroline Dahl's rockin' piano Boogie Woogie, from Don't Fight It (mp3)
Don't Fight It
A hypnotic groove, an infectious song of lust at first sight...from the CD of the same name (mp3)
A dark, driving Gypsy-Cajun tune from Off the Hook (mp3)
Just Your Fool
Little Walter's classic blues song, done Flambeau style, from Don't Fight It (mp3)
Over the Edge
A rockin' rootsy rave-up from Serious Fun (mp3)
An original Irish/Cajun tune from Metamorphosis (mp3)
A highly infectious original Celtic tune from Metamorphosis (mp3)
A big old zydeco shuffle from Red Boots and Rice. (Flash)
The Yearning Heart
Tom's heartbreakingly beautiful air, from Serious Fun (mp3)
An old-time country blues from A Blue Thing (mp3)
Hey Little Girl
A catchy, highly danceable Swamp Pop hit from Serious Fun (mp3)
A Gypsy-inspired tune from Chasing the Devil. (Flash)
An upbeat funky love song from A Blue Thing (mp3)
A Gulf Coast roots rocker from Off the Hook (mp3)