Tom with Marcia Ball at the Doheny Beach Blues Festival
(photo by Dave Konsa)

Tom with Tommy Castro and Roy Rogers at the S F Blues Festival
(photo by Norm Buller)

Rigo with Dr. Loco--Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco. August, 2007.
(photo by John Spicer)

Tom and Terrance Simien at the Simi Valley Cajun Creole Festival
(photo by Peter Oliver)

Rigo with Norton Buffalo at Slim's, 12/5/05
(photo by Robert Hakins)


Separated at birth?

Rigo at Don Quixote's--March 9, 2007
(photo by Guy Zahller)

David Blaine--eat your heart out!

Tom and new fan in Concord, May 13, 2007
(photo by Bob Hakins)

Flambeau at Klondike Mike's Saloon, Palmer, Alaska, 2004