Z Recipe
Dancin' Fool
Don't Make Me Laugh When I'm Cryin'
Adeline Shuffle
Little Red Rooster
Hey, Little Dancer
Treat Me Like a Dog
La Porte en Arriere
Sittin' on Top of the World
Cocodril Stomp

The final CD, released in 2000, by those masters of roots music mayhem, the lords of Swamp Beat Boogie, The Sundogs! Dancing Room Only spent ten weeks on the Americana radio charts nationwide, and sent happy audiences into dance frenzy all over the globe. Among the big Sundogs' hits on the disc are the classic Treat Me Like a Dog, the rootsy Don't Make Me Laugh When I'm Cryin', Tom Rigney's fiddle rave-up, Cocodril Stomp, and T.J. Politzer's scorching versions of the blues standards, Little Red Rooster and Sittin' On Top of the World. Dancing Room Only was a great farewell disc for a band that spent fifiteen years touing the U.S. and Europe and spreading the Swamp Beat Boogie sound to the furthest corners of music-lovers' minds. Of all their albums, DRO best captured the live sound and intensity of The Sundogs music.