Rigo's Blues
La Gitana (Flash)
La Parisienne
Dancin' Annie
The Enchanted Pool
Mad Dog
Chasing the Devil
Midnight Blue

Tom's great solo disc, which was the debut recording of the band that evolved into Flambeau, was released in 1997. The album features ten original instrumental pieces which range in style from high-energy Cajun two-steps ("Hounded" and "Chasing the Devil") to the Celtic-flavored "Dancin' Annie" and "The Enchanted Pool", to the Mardi Gras rave-up "Mad Dog" to Rigney's gorgeous ballad, "Consolation", which has become one of the most-requested tunes in the live show.
All ten tunes feature the amazing accordion playing of the late Jim Boggio, an astonishing virtuoso whose sudden death cut short what would doubtless have been a long musical relationship with Rigney. As Fiddler Magazine said of their work together, "the interplay is spectacular."
Other musicians on the album include guitarists Nina Gerber, Evan Morgan, and Dix Bruce, drummer Jimmy Sanchez, bassist Ernie Rideout, and utility infielder Joe Paquin.
Dirty Linen magazine raved: "Never less than spellbinding. The eclectic music runs the gamut from gritty zydeco and funky blues to New Orleans jazz and lyrical waltzes. It's hard to know whether to be more impressed by Rigney's playing, his compositions, or the back-up support he gets."